We improve your company’s competitiveness by scrutinizing success factors in our marketplace. With Service Design Research we will examine, how you can build service and product solutions, by which your company can exceed your customers’ expectations. Customer Experience Research will help your company to develop expectations to competitive advantages. With Sales Auditing we will find strengths and pain points, which will facilitate your company’s selection of optimal development solutions and implementing those in both short and long run.  

To execute the survey results in practice, we will build cohesive development program what meets your specific needs to improve results and support you to implement that. Business Finland’s Innovation Voucher can be used to our services related to assessing and using research results.

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Better Results with Service Design

Constant research of service and product portfolio is important to improve and enhance your company’s competitiveness. An agile survey will be planned together with your company’s management to your present and/or focus customers.

We will investigate, what customers think are crucial in using your product or service and how your company could differentiate positively already in sales phase and what factors are affecting to purchase decision. We will then define, how you can better meet customer needs and produce the values they are ready to pay for. We will then crystallize necessary actions needed to improve your competitive advantage and will support to implement these.

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Improving Customer Experiences

Researching customer satisfaction is important, but the challenge is that usually they don’t cover the reasons, from what experiences customers opinions are derived from.   Only after investigating customers’ experiences from sales and customer service operations and analyzing results can help your company to build customer experiences to competitive advantages.

We will make all this on behalf of you by seeking qualitative feedback, which tells about your position in relation to your competitors and reveals both your strengths and weaknesses and most important factors to differentiate positively told by your clientele. We will crystallize necessary actions to build competitive advantage and support you in implementing these in practice.

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Sales Auditing

By auditing your sales organization, we will find your strengths and pain points, what will facilitate your company’s optimal choices and implementing those in both short and long run.  Sales Audit will be implemented by a combination of electrical quantitative and qualitative research and individual interviews so, that we include participants from both sales and service entity.

Sales auditing is based on our long experience in developing different sales organizations. We will always build auditing solutions from the perspective of your company, your market and focusing on your customer development to build better competitive advantages for your company.

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