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Sales Skills Development

Customer Interaction Sales development program is intended for sales experts and specialists involved in customer development and management, to help effectively build and develop customerships and sell value of services, ideas, and solutions in a Business-to-Business environment. Customer Interaction Selling is intensive, participant- and exercise-centered program.

Content will be tailored to each company’s operational environment and market situation. The effectiveness is based on Action Learning by working with real customers. The actual sales cases will be simulated during the process. The program consists of a development path of core and advanced skills, boosted with coaching and personal interim tasks to facilitate skills deployment and improved results in participants’ own work.

Development can be executed both face-to face-and virtually.

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Sales negotiations

Succeed in negotiations

This training will help participants to improve their negotiating skill level and performance. Successful Interaction Negotiations comprises four elements: strategy, process, tools, and tactics.

The strategy comprises the top-level goals – including relationships and the final outcome.

Processes and tools include the steps to follow and roles to take in preparing for and negotiating with the other parties.

Tactics include more detailed statements and actions and responses to others’ statements and actions.

Interaction persuasion and influence, have become integral to modern-day negotiation success, and so should not be ignored.

Participants will be introduced to the negotiation process and shown how it can be used to manage their negotiations in a more professional and competent way. Through relevant case studies, they will learn how to apply negotiation theory to real-world situations and will have the opportunity to practice negotiation techniques in a positive learning environment. Recorded role-play simulating realistic negotiations that allow participants to see themselves and be coached in real-time. Reinforcement sessions and coaching are available to ensure the change.

After training, participants are able to close more deals, quicker and more profitably, develop deeper business relationships to improve their company’s bottom line.

Development can be executed both face-to face-and virtually.

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Sales Interaction skills

Global Account Management

Global Account Management consists development of vigorous elements of managing and developing customerships. Main focus is how to design customer-oriented processes for mutual growth.

Program comprehends:

  • Key transformation of business markets and shift in creating value
  • Process outcomes and benefits of developing and implementing GAM
  • Managing Global Customers
  • Roles of Global Account Manager and GAM Team
  • Usage of Global Account Management Toolbox
  • GAM Implementation Plan
  • Planning formats for Managing Global Accounts

Program content and weight points will be planned and executed according to each company’s challenges in using GAM presently and their desired future state.

Program Objectives are:

  • Define and adopt a comprehensive GAM process
  • Learn and use customers’ business value targets to facilitate change from project sales to solutions
  • Have a united way to participate more effectively in all phases of each customer’s buying process
  • Approach all necessary decision-makers and understand their action drivers to shorten sales cycles
  • Use different approaches to keep the process alive and moving forward
  • Manage better exclusive GAM customers – and build continuous added value
  • Enable and handle all elements of co-operation possibilities during calls to enable sales of the full portfolio
  • Enhance proposal management
  • Utilize tools and ways to enhance closing agreements
  • Increase profitability with better skills to position value and negotiate the price

Workshops can be executed both face-to face-and virtually.

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Capture Team Management

The Capture Team Management Process is a proven multi-step approach to winning major projects. It involves anticipating, understanding, and influencing customer requirements; aligning technical, managerial and commercial resources with the customer; optimizing technical, financial and risk trade-offs; developing strategies for competitive differentiation; and, planning a comprehensive campaign to prove the benefits and added value of your offering in a highly competitive procurement process.

The Capture Team effort should be seen in the context of the overall system of winning business, including marketing, opportunity selection, building strategic accounts and developing ongoing relationships with clients. The Capture Team is an important element in an ongoing account management process where different parts of the global organization come together for managing a specific, complex, time-constrained, strategic sales effort.

The objectives of the Capture Team Process are to:

  1. Win a higher percentage of major new projects than the competition.
  2. Develop a common inter-segment approach to winning business.
  3. Examine changes in markets and customer organizations and find ways to deal with them.
  4. Build successful winning teams.
  5. Share best practices for winning large contracts across the company.

The Capture Team Process covers the entire business development spectrum from opportunity and feasibility analysis; through tender organization and preparation to contract negotiation, final offer, and transfer to the project team.

Development can be executed both face-to face-and virtually.

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Sales Auditing Service

Proposal Management

Proposal Management Workshop is based on research into today’s best practices in winning complex service or solution proposals and tailored to each company’s unique environment. A major objective of the program will be to develop proposal management strategies for prospective customers. During the program, time is devoted to developing techniques to effectively improve your company’s proposal process in order to help increase the win rate and the number of proposals offered to achieve the growth targets.

As a result of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a common understanding and approach to proposal management.
  • Understand current best practices and areas for improvement.
  • Proactively lead, coordinate, and contribute to successful proposal teams.
  • Achieve excellence in implementing successful proposal management practices.
  • Create a knowledge base of your company’s technical approaches, qualifications, and references.
  • Become motivated and enthusiastic team members committed to working together to win more projects and
  • Increase company’s proposal win rate on competitive service and solution proposals.

Workshops can be executed both face-to face-and virtually.

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Digital Marketing for Growth

How to generate interested customers to find your company, products, and/or services?
We will lead your company’s marketing and sales personnel to utilize digital marketing tools to find new customers. We will compose in co-operation your digital marketing strategy, set objectives, and plan effective implementation.

We will define accurately, which Digital and SoMe strategies will produce the best results for your company in the global marketplace. We will consult how your website gets more visitors who are interested in your products or services and how to convert them to your customers.

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